What is Easy-Pay?

Easy-Pay is the option to pay your bills automatically from your banking account. A great option for those who don’t want remember to write a check every month, Easy-Pay is convenient, secure, and EASY.

How Does Easy-Pay Work?

Simply complete the Easy-Pay form available below or at our office. Once turned in, your account will be authorized to be payed automatically, directly from your bank account.


Easy-Pay FAQ

What Record Will I Have of my Payment?

Your monthly bank statement is proof of your payment, your record for tax purposes, and your way of checking and reconciling Easy-Pay transactions with your bank account balance. Your bill will indicate that your account will be charged.

How Do I Change an Authorized Easy-Pay Payment?

You may change an authorized payment by calling the business office at least fifteen (15) days before the payment is due. For example, you may want the payment to be made from a different account. In this case, be sure to give our business office all the new information.

What are the Benefits of Using Easy-Pay?

1. Easy-Pay is Secure. All Easy-Pay Transactions are tracked by the Federal Reserve. Only pre-authorized transactions will be processed. All information that we receive will be sent to the ACH encrypted. No one will ever see your information.

2. Easy-Pay is Simple. Once you have completed and signed the authorization form, all you need to do is record the payment transaction in your checkbook register on the payment date.

3. Easy-Pay is Reliable. You will never need to worry about late payments due to mail delays, misplaced or forgotten payments. Your payment will always be made on time. Establish excellent payment and credit history.

4. Easy-Pay is Convenient. You no longer need to sort the bills from the junk mail, write a check, stamp the envelope and remember to mail your payment. Simply authorize the payment, sit back and relax!

Do you have questions about Easy-Pay? Please call 330.658.2121 or Contact Us.