Heritage Cable TV Packages and Monthly Rates

Off Air Channels 2-23 $33.00/month
Basic Cable 2-23 and 24-75 & 99 $89.95/month
Digital Tier 101-152, 170, 173, 175 & 501-540 +$23.90/month
Digital Cable Charges:
Digital Premium Channels
HBO Package 201-206 $21.00/month
Showtime Package 211-217 & 230-236 $16.95/month
Cinemax Package 223-226 $15.95/month
STARZ Package 301-321 $15.95/month
HBO/Cinemax Package All HBO’s and Cinemax’s $33.95/month
Movie Lovers Package All Digital Premium Movies $59.57/month
Service & Additional Charges:
New Installation Free
Reconnection $50.00
On-Site Service Call Program TV/VCR $55.00/per hour
Add Wired Outlet $55.00/per hour
Additional Digital Set-top Box $4.95/month
Additional HD/DVR Set-top Box $12.95/month